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The Benoordenhout International [Expat] Borrel – The BIEB

Hosts welcome & thanx guests.

Hosts welcome & thank guests.

It may well become THE meeting place for internationals of Benoordenhout – people from somewhere else but who for one or another reason find themselves living in The Hague – and more specifically, in Benoordenhout. De bieb – in Dutch referring to the library, the biblioteek, could well acquire another meaning – for the Benoordenhout International [Expat] Borrel, a time and place for internationals of the area to meet and get to know one another, have a place from which they can feel part of the neighbourhood.

This should not be interpreted as an exclusive ‘expat’ affair for at the first of the BIEB, there was a health balance of internationals recently arrived, those long established, with Dutch partners, or without, Dutch who had had international experiences themselves – there was in fact as much Dutch spoken as English, Spanish, Russian, French and German. Furthermore representatives of the Benoordenhout Residents Association were on hand to answer questions and welcome their new neighbours.

On Monday June 8th, on the initiative of two resident internationals, Tina Evans of Blue Lynx Employment (www.bluelynx.com) and Deborah Valentine of a hand in The Hague (www.ahandinthehague.com) , internationals living in the neighbourhood were invited for a drink and a chance to meet one another. The guest list was ‘compiled’ by spreading the word through neighbours each of them knew were internationals and asking them, in turn, to invite others as well. With the additional support of DenHaag.com (the editor of which is a neighbourhood international) and TheHagueOnLine.com the message got out and the guests arrived.

The event was so well attended, received and enjoyed that the second BIEB has already been set for Monday, September 21st 2009 from 8 – 10:30pm at the Park WW – a particularly welcoming and friendly environment in which to feel and become part of the neighbourhood. It was in fact a surprise element for some internationals that Park WW could also become their home away from home on those evenings when you just do not feel like cooking. For families and couples Denny and his staff are there to make you feel at home (www.parkww.nl).

Questions regarding the BIEB can be directed to ahandinthehague@gmail.com otherwise, mark Monday 21 September in your calendars for YOUR chance to meet some neighbours.

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