16 June 2009 0 Comments

Why network

WHY do YOU network? I do very simply to meet people. When I meet them and find a common interest they (a) remember me (b) can be a service or assistance to someone I know (c) broaden my horizons – personally & professionally HOW do I do it? I mark my calendar a head of […]

13 April 2009 0 Comments

Quick ‘Business develoment’ Scan – The Review

I admit it. I am a WBII junkie! I cannot get enough of the women I meet, the passions I see, the determination I perceive nor the commitment I see from my fellow members. I often wonder what, exactly, I am doing here – as I am convinced each time that I miss THEIR business […]

13 April 2009 1 Comment

Learning to say ‘thank you’

I won an award last week – most unexpected! It caught me by surprise and left me speechless, all I could say was Thank you. A simple word but one which I have trouble saying for doing something I (a) love; (b) do not consider work and (c) which I find so rewarding. I won […]