13 December 2010 0 Comments

From the heart

Until now my posts have essentially been about women, international community, expats etc. After hearing today’s news regarding child abuse in two day cares in Amsterdam – I could not stay silent.
My heart, and soul goes out to all those parents who have children in a day care, particularly mothers who perhaps in order to be able to further their own careers, or supplement family incomes, or even simply makes ends meet, take recourse, in full trust, to a daycare system for their young children. I can only vaguely imagine how todays’ news has affected them – and I feel for their angst. For the parents whose children have been affected by this development I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through – not to mention what lies in store for their children. It is, in the words of Amsterdam’s Mayor, who himself still has children in day care “a parents worst nightmare”.

I have lived my life by trusting in others, in ‘systems’, in those around me – but this has to rock anyone’s foundation. It has mine, and I do not have children in daycare – children who have no voice, who are entrusted to others and who have been so fundamentally abused – physically as well as psychologically.

I wish I knew what I could offer, do, at this moment in time for the victims of this trust!? All I can offer, are my thoughts and prayers – and hope that in some way mine and those of I am sure many, many others, provides the blanket of comfort and strength these families, these children need.

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