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22 December 2010 0 Comments

Blogging for Business

WordPress specialist and web strategist Lisa Rouissi publishes interviews with other bloggers on her website Orange Buzz.  Earlier this month she interviewed me in her ‘Blogging for Business’ series. 1. Who are you and what is the story behind your business? My name is Deborah Valentine, my own story is too long and convoluted to […]

29 October 2010 7 Comments

A ‘strong (female) desire for’ The Hague – CRAVE The Hague

YEAH!! Our own CRAVE – in The Hague. A few posts ago – my first in 18+months I believe, I made the claim that CRAVE was not so much a manifesto as it was a testament: to the  drive, creativity and perseverance of women. (to quote myself). Well, last night at the Womens Business Initiative […]

16 June 2009 0 Comments

Why network

WHY do YOU network? I do very simply to meet people. When I meet them and find a common interest they (a) remember me (b) can be a service or assistance to someone I know (c) broaden my horizons – personally & professionally HOW do I do it? I mark my calendar a head of […]