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7 June 2011 1 Comment

….lonely in the sea ….

Language is a funny thing. For many it is about being correct, for many others about being understood. Somewhere in between these positions,  a sea of misunderstanding can unintentionally be created. I have brought my children up bilingually. The speak Dutch and English. Every now and then they say something which, grammatically or linguistically speaking, […]

6 April 2011 2 Comments

Bieber in our lives ….

There has been a girl boy, pre-teen power struggle going on in my household of late – the battle ground: Justin Bieber, a (in my terminology) teener bopper who has girls worldwide doing what two generations before them did for the Beatles.  When the discussions started both of my cherished offspring were in the same […]

8 March 2011 7 Comments

100 Years! A personal story

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day – more specifically, the 100th year in which we are commemorating it. This day was established in 1911 by the United Nations to draw attention to the situation of women, the inequality of their situation and the acknowledgement of their contributions to society. 100 years on and the […]