My name is Deborah Valentine, I am, “a hand in The Hague”, and more recently, “a place in The Hague“. The short version is, that I am a Canadian resident ‘expat’ though I prefer to say ‘international resident’. I have had a direct association with The Hague for more than 20 years, speak fluent Dutch as well as English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and can defend myself in French. I have lived, studied and worked in 11 countries: Germany, Colombia (3 times), Brazil (twice), Canada, Iran, England, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the Netherlands. Today Den Haag is home.

Professionally I have been involved in PR activities for the film industry; done fundraising and project management for UNICEF among others and supported numerous volunteer activities in all the countries I have lived in.

Being multi-lingual and having relocated around 11 times, I have had the opportunity to develop two fundamental skills which I now exercise as my business.

I am keenly aware of the nuances each language can have, and how to avoid the pitfalls of straight translation in marketing material. My knowledge of the Dutch language and culture means I am well positioned to assist Dutch entrepreneurs wishing to reach a broader audience. Furthermore, I know the value of making connections – and thrive on doing so. I cannot help myself. It is also the basis from which I write: from connecting to and with my clients. Hearing their words, their passion, their message, in their language makes my job not only easy, but an absolute pleasure.

In the words of those who know and have worked with me:  “Deborah has an eye for opportunity and excels in identifying new partnerships“. With “a hand in The Hague” I provide support to small and medium sized entrepreneurs refining their message in the English language; I support projects which seek to connect communities and I find value in every connection I make, for the people I meet as well as myself.

There are leaders and followers in this world; I am a facilitator – a voice behind the scenes supporting others. It is a role I enjoy, and am good at.

I look forward to being able to help you too,


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