Deborah Valentine is ‘a hand in The Hague’. She is an experienced expatriate and long term resident of The Hague and knows first-hand what people are looking for in a new country. She is also keenly aware that while English is a common language for the international community it is by no means its first language. What she does is help you, as a business, to find your voice, in English.

Among the services provided by ‘a hand in The Hague’ are:

  • Writing promotional material such as advertorials; websites; flyers etc.
  • Editing of English language material
  • Being your in-house native speaker – on a freelance basis
  • Identifying your marketing angle in English
  • Managing projects which aim to connect communities (international & local) in The Hague

Cross cultural communication is about getting the same message across different cultures and languages. Having a professional experienced in cross cultural living and who is also a native English speaker is your way of broadening the horizons of your business – and ensuring that you say what you want to say, in English.

Contact Deborah for an initial intake or to explore how ‘a hand in The Hague’ can help you broaden your horizons, your market, by fine tuning your message, your sales pitch.